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"Baie-St-Paul" poster for the exhibition at the Galerie Lacerte-Guimont in 1986

I am Denis Villemure, realistic style painter born in Trois-Rivières (Quebec, Canada) in 1956.

Some of you have known me since the 80’s when I began to exhibit my works in several galleries of the beautiful Charlevoix region. Very active during this period, I accumulated a few group exhibitions, as well as some duet and solo ones, especially at the Galerie Lacerte-Guimont (Sillery) in 1986 and another at the Galerie Madeleine Lacerte (Quebec) in 1987.

At the end of my studies in graphic communication at Université Laval in 1979, I aimed for the ambitious goal of carrying out my painting activities and those in the field of graphic design. But after a few years of intense artistic production, I understand that the task is too important and I focus more on my career as a graphic designer. Without ever stopping painting, I had a successful career in graphic design and then, in the early 90s, as an editor and webmaster in the field of information technology.

Artistic process

Although having started very young to paint and draw, my true passion for the arts will be revealed to me in the 70s. It is in college and university that I was able to perfect my work, with the support and invaluable advice of painters and designers such as Maurice Assier, Paul Lacroix and Claude A. Simard. These wonderful years also represent for me an important step of introspection which will come to enlighten me on my priorities and thus facilitate my choices. This training, which will last five years, has led me to have many experiences in the visual arts but also in graphic communication and confirms me to favor drawing as the essential basis of all artistic work.

Influence of graphic arts

I am constantly on the lookout for subjects that I find very beautiful and at the same time consider as a technical challenge. My works are done in the traditional or realistic style, if you prefer. My training as a graphic designer stands out in all my works. The precise renderings and the rigor in the treatment of color and shape bring me great satisfaction.

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