I am Denis Villemure, artist-painter, born in Trois-Rivières in 1956.

Some of you know me since the 1980s when I start to exhibit my paintings in several galleries in the beautiful Charlevoix region. Very active during this period and represented in several galleries in Quebec, I have cumulated some group exhibitions, as well as three solo exhibitions, including one at Lacerte-Guimont Gallery (Sillery) in 1986 and another one at Madeleine Lacerte Gallery (Québec) in 1987.

At the end of my studies in graphic communication at Laval University in 1979
, I set the ambitious goal of simultaneously carrying out my painting activities and those of the graphics field. But after a few years of intense artistic production, I understand that the task is too important and focus more on my career as a graphic designer. Without ever ceasing to paint, I have a great career in graphic design and, since the early 90s, one as an edimaster then a webmaster in the field of information technology. I have been retired since January 2020.

So, to my delight, I therefore resume my career as an artist-painter, to which I can now devote all my time.

Artistic approach

My whole approach is based on the importance I give to drawing in my works. The same goes for the many and varied effects of light always present in my paintings. It is essential for me to respond first to my own emotions. When I paint, I don’t search, I find. And since the words spoken no longer belong to us, the same goes for my work. Once realized, it belongs to those who will see and judge it.

The multiple experiences made during my studies comforted me to opt for realism. Traditional? Maybe. As for me, I associate it more with pre-impressionism or if you prefer, the ”forgotten”, because it is historically known that this style sank into oblivion as soon as another movement appears, very contested at that time, but also very popular: the impressionism.

Influence of graphic arts

As far as my style is concerned, my training as a graphic designer probably has a lot to do with it. Instinctively, I cannot distance myself from this style, it is in my nature. I also had the chance to learn alongside emeritus designers and painters in particular, Maurice Assier, Paul Lacroix and Claude A. Simard. I like the precise and rigorous rendering, both in the treatment of color and in that of shapes. I am constantly looking for subjects that I find of great beauty and that I also consider as a challenge.

In fact, in my works, light plays a prominent role and although I do not make any sketches directly on the canvas before applying the material, the brush strokes and touches constitute my drawing. I am resolutely a landscaper but sometimes I do portrait or animal scene.